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Week 9 FanDuel NFL Lineups 2017

Ravens, Seahawks, Bills,Eagels, Vikings, Cowboys were very best on the last week scores.the Eagles (7-1) and Steelers (6-2) are sitting atop their respective conferences with inside tracks for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.  Watson is showing more strength he toyed with the Seahawks’ defense in Week 8 but  Wilson is a legend on the field. He is the best quarterback. We didn’t disappointed at all with his skills. Vascular surgeons have stabilized the torn artery in Bears tight end Zach Miller’s left leg and he has a good pulse, but he’ll remain in New Orleans.

Kiko Alanso’s kick on Joe Flacco is footbool or violent? Kiko Alonso blasted the Ravens quarterback in the head with a hard right shoulder, stayed with anyone watching Thursday night’s Dolphins-Ravens game.  Dolphins are dirty or not? We are all waiting for Sunday to see more and better games. Here is our two different line ups with the best of NFL players.

Quarterback: Deshaun Watson Running Backs: Tod Gurley , Kareem Hunt. Wide Receivers: Julio Jhones, DeAndre Hopkins Tight End:  Zach Ertz. Kicker: Will Lutz. Defense: Vikings,

Quarterback: Russell WilsonRunning Backs: Leonard Faunette,  LeSean McCoy. Wide Receivers:  Mike Evans, Dez Bryant Tight End:  Travis Kelce Kicker: Ka’imi Fairbain Defense:  Dolphins

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